Fox Sports Reporter Attacks 10-Year-Old Barron Trump as a “Small Animal Killer”

Liberals in the media are trying to paint the 10-year-old as an up and coming sociopathic rapist and serial killer.

Such a shame!!!!

They preach the words “love and tolerance,” yet their actions are violence, bullying, and cruelty.

Case in point, the recent outpouring of hate directed at President Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron Trump.

Fox Sports reporter Pete Blackburn kept that disgusting, vile theme going with a tweet suggesting that Barron Trump has killed animals.

This trend amongst liberals in the media who are attacking a young boy, is by far one of the most deplorable things we’ve witnessed, and it exposes the true colors of who liberals really are.

Intolerant, hateful bullies.

Disturbingly, Blackburn’s Tweet garnered 600 “Likes” on Twitter before it was deleted, presumably due to the backlash of Twitter users springing to the 10 year-olds’ defense and telling Blackburn to pick on someone his own size – Trump, and not his kid.

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