Chelsea Handler Refuses To Interview Melania Trump :” She Can Barely Speak English”

DISGRACEFUL Chelsea Handler Insults Melania TRUMP !!!!

Incredible how liberal Hollywood types like to pretend they stand for tolerance and acceptance, until they are confronted with someone who disagrees with them.

The comedian — who was wearing a pink hat that said “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” — gave a firm no when she was asked if she would hypothetically ever have the first lady on her Netflix series.

Watch as Chelsea Handler insults Melania by falsely claiming “She can barely speak English.”

So does Chelsea have then a superiority complex to every immigrant who did not speak English as their first language? How “tolerant” is that?

Also, Melania speaks multiple languages including Slovenian, English and French. Can Chelsea do that? It’s all proof Hollywood Liberals have no moral high ground to stand on.

When Handler was asked what she thinks of Melania, she said, “Exactly what I think about him [Donald Trump] as the first man. Nothing. I don’t respect either one of those people.”

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