Kathy Griffin MOCKED Sarah Palin’s Son Who Has DOWN-SYNDROME

During Kathy Griffin’s recent press conference where she was supposed to apologize and instead played the role of the victim, she said she would never want to hurt a child, but in 2009 she mocked Sarah Palin’s son who has down syndrome.

People blasted Kathy “ISIS” Griffin on social media after the tweet from 2009 was found…


Kathy Griffin supporters say that she referred to Sarah Palin’s son as a retarded baby because that’s what Sarah Palin called him…

The New York Mag reported:

Aw, that’s sweet. Except that Johnston didn’t stop short of undermining Palin’s self-appointed post as spokeswoman for mothers of disabled children. She’d come home from work looking for her son Trig, he said, and she’d ask, “Where’s my retarded baby?” She would apparently use the term regularly to refer to the child, who has Down syndrome. “She’d say it kind of regularly. I think she was joking, but that doesn’t make it right.”

It’s sickening that Kathy Griffin would mock a child with a disability regardless of any reasons she has.
Source: http://americanlookout.com

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