VIDEO=> Minority Leader Pelosi Can’t Name Leader of Democrat Party

Former President Obama left the party in shambles.
Democrats lost over a thousand seats during the Obama years.

Things are so bad Pelosi has no idea who is the leader of the Democrat Party today.

America Rising PAC reported:

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi couldn’t name the leader of the Democrat Party.

Yesterday, a Harvard-Harris poll showed the full scope of the Democratic leadership vacuum. A plurality of people said “no one” was currently leading the party, while two of the politicians who received large percentages were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both retired.

Now it appears that this inability to name actual, current leaders doesn’t just plague rank and file Democrats, but their Congressional leaders as well. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked by Anderson Cooper who the leader of the Democratic Party was. While that should be an easy question for someone like Pelosi, it stumped her, as she could not name anyone but Obama and Clinton:

She sounded drunk.



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