Rosie O’Donnell on Trump: “He’s going down and so will all of his administration. The charge is treason.”

Entertainer Rosie O’Donnell said President Donald Trump should be charged with treason over the investigation of possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials.

She called Trump a “mentally ill man” and predicted that he will eventually “go down” along with his entire administration.

O’Donnell was in Washington for the “Resistance Address” protest outside of the White House at Lafayette Park, ahead of Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress.

During the anti-Trump rally, O’Donnell called for Democrats to stop Trump and work to remove him from office.

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government – that is why we are here,” she said, quoting the Declaration of Independence. “We the people will get him out.”

Following her speech, O’Donnell was asked if she thinks obstruction from Democrats could set a bad precedent for the party in the future.

“It worked for the Republicans,” she replied. “I have faith that there are Republican Congress people who will stand up and do the right thing. The evidence against Trump and Russia is huge and mounting every day. We see it. He can’t lie about it. He’s going down and so will all of his administration. The charge is treason.”

O’Donnell continued, “This is not Russia. To Donald Trump and his pathetic band of white privileged criminal businessmen, I would like to say to him, ‘nyet, sir, nyet.’ We’ve seen what you have done, sir. We have seen your connections to Russia. The game is over. The Internet rules.”

The former co-host of The View slammed the media for not reporting that Trump lies. O’Donnell said progressive activists are going to go “down and dirty from now on, just like Donald Trump.”

“The truth matters.  Even if our major media companies will not call him a liar, we will. He lies. He lies,” she said. “It’s about time they all start saying it.”

O’Donnell told Trump that he should not start any wars in other countries.

“No more war for the USA. No more making war on other people’s countries. No more doing that, Donald. It’s a shitty idea,” she said.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said he opposes nation building and promised a non-interventionist foreign policy.

O’Donnell was asked for her reaction to the anti-war statements Trump made during the election cycle.

“Does he look like he’s doing anti-war stuff to you?” she said. “I have always been vehemently anti-war my whole life and career. I watched Vietnam on the news. I am adamantly anti-war. I’ve always been and you can look back on my 30 years in public life and find that as a constant through line.”

O’Donnell also criticized Trump’s handling of the raid in Yemen that claimed the life of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens. His wife Carryn was recognized with a 2-minute standing ovation during Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening.

“I also support the veterans in a way the president never could because he doesn’t have it in his soul. How dare he shame them today? How dare he shame that boy? Ryan Owens. How dare he not know his name or say his name? How dare we tweet during that mission? Shame on him,” she said.

O’Donnell was asked if she had a message for women in America who voted for Trump.

“The women who support him really need to research who he is and they need time to stand all the facts about him that pissed him off when I announced them in 2006 and are still true today. He’s been bankrupt 4 times. He is a crappy businessman,” she said. “He cheated on all his wives including the current one as he told Billy Bush in a bus about grabbing pussies. Well, our pussies are not for his amusement or entertainment or legislation. He needs to back up.”

In Spanish, O’Donnell told reporters that she loves immigrants and that every person living in the U.S. should be considered an American.

“Te amo immigrants mucho. Yo estudia espanol en escuela. La personas esta aqui viva en la ustados unitos todas personas es Americanos,” she said.

The English translation is, “I love you very much, immigrants. I studied Spanish in school. The people living here in the United States are all Americans.”

O’Donnell said immigrants have made America.

“I love America and the amount of immigrants that make up this great nation. He [Trump] does not define who we are as a country. Immigrants are welcomed and loved and supported in America,” she said. “They’ve made America and they continue to every day. The country cannot function without immigrants. He’s a very sad and mentally ill man and we will right this wrong as a nation.”

Nicholas Ballasy is a political correspondent and analyst based in Washington, D.C. known for conducting on-camera interviews with an array of national political figures and celebrity activists about the most pressing issues facing the country. His work has been cited by CNN, Fox News, The Drudge Report, NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, the Washington Post and others.


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