Reasons Why Psychiatry is Important for Everyone In Our Modern World


Psychiatrists are medical doctors with specialized training in the area of mental health. So instead of just being a general practitioner, they attended extra schooling to specialize in mental health. A psychiatrist has about a decade of schooling beyond high school (depending on the country).

Everyone experiences periods of stress, sadness, grief and conflict, so when you’re feeling off it can be hard to know if it’s time to see a professional about the problem. And apparently, those who would benefit from some therapeutic intervention are not seeking it enough.

Psychiatry is more important to the general public than ever before, and with the rise of reported mental health and behavioral health issues, it might seem a bit confusing as to why individuals still tend to ignore the repercussions of leaving these symptoms untreated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the suicide rate of Americans aged 35-64 years has risen almost 29 percent from 1999 to 2010.  In Europe, the rate of employees reporting mental health issues to their employers has risen to two out of every five workers. Tremendous amounts of studies, an increase in global awareness and a shift in attitude towards treating and helping those with behavioral or mental health issues has likely brought more of these issues to light.

So why are people still so hesitant to pay for psychiatric services as opposed to other forms of medical help or assistance? The reality is that your mind is just as important to treat as any other part of your body.  If you broke your leg, would you decline modern medical expertise in order to help it heal properly? Most people would end up going to their doctor or a hospital, have the bone set, wrapped in a cast and after a time possibly even utilize physical therapy.

While mental or behavioral issues may not as be physically obvious as a broken bone, the reality is still the same: in order to heal oneself, it is very important that you treat mental and behavioral health issues as you would any physical ailment. Modern science and medical advances DO work, and have shown significant results for thousands and hundreds of thousands of patients over the past decades.

So why it’s important to invest in psychiatry services:

Patient Improvement is often Fairly Quick

While generally every mental health situation differs on a case by case basis, some more severe and some less, patients are able to see results usually within several days, weeks or months. Whether one is prescribed psychiatric medications, different forms of psychotherapy or various other psychological treatments and methods, modern medicine has vastly increased the success rate, and investing in treatment is well worth it.

Modern Psychiatry Deals with All Health Issues

Treating the behavioral or mental health symptoms is just one part of the equation – we also are able to focus on one’s overall health, such as eating right, basic medical conditions or physical activity. So when you invest in modern psychiatric services, it is a well-rounded program that addresses all of the needs in a patient’s personal life.


Everyone could benefit from seeing a therapist and talking about life for an hour once in a while. Some people might need or want to go every week, some might only go once every three months or when big life events happen, like a job change or a death in the family. There is virtually no reason not to talk to a therapist.


Reasons To Choose An Online Psychiatrist


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