Nancy Pelosi LOSES IT After Learning What Trump Just Did In Oval Office(VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi is flipping out, once again, over something that President Donald Trump did in the spirit of making American great again. Upon hearing what the 45th president did in the Oval Office this week, she addressed the media and completely lost her cool.

According to Washington Free Beacon, Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday that calls for reviewing and rolling back environmental regulations installed during former President ’s time in office. The order undid many of the Obama administration’s rules and was meant, in part, to revive America’s coal industry, which has sharply declined in recent years. This prompted Pelosi to express her moral outrage, calling the president’s move “really sinful” and “degrading of God’s creation.”

“Shocking, almost sinful, really sinful to be so degrading of God’s creation,” the California Democrat said during her weekly press conference. “The administration’s attack on science and the Clean Power Plan will not bring back jobs to the coal country. It will only poison our air and undermine America’s ability to win good-paying, clean jobs of the future.”


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