STUNNING VIDEO: Judge Jeanine Calls Obama Terrorist On Live TV, He Hates Christianity. Do You Agree With Judge? (Video)

STUNNING VIDEO: This video was aired in 2015, but after you watch it you will see a bone-chilling connection to the current events today, especially the Orlando ISIS attack and Obama’s weird reactions to Donald Trump.

Judge Pirro discovered herself the source of controversy once again when she talked about the attacks on the Western world at the hands of radical Islamists. She got down to the brass tacks exclusively the Philadelphia police attack and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. Pirro mentioned that the Obama administration and Islamic radicals may perhaps as well be on the same side, because it is obvious our ‘leader’ is not going to do anything to stop these acts in the future.And if this seven-plus minute video is any indication, she would begin my taking the jury through a brief journey of Obama’s personal paranoia of how he views Islam and his refusal to acknowledge both historical and contemporary facts.

She would begin by building her case piece by piece, reminding the jury of the long list of attacks by Muslim extremists , in that every terrorist act committed against America and it’s citizens within the last 3-decades (30-years), has been committed by radical Muslims, in the name of “Allah!”The video chronicles masterfully by the good judge, the long timeline of “Islamic terrorism” and Obama’s pathological refusal to acknowledge those facts and his obvious attempt to once again target Christians my name in his referencing “the Christian Crusades” however avoiding at all costs in referencing acts of terrorism committed today around the world as “Muslim and or Islamic” inspired.The obvious hypocrisy even extends to Obama censoring the comments made by other world leaders, referencing attacks on their homeland as “Islamic Terrorism.”

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source: http://www.redflagnews.com

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