Singer Wayne Newton Says To Al Pacino : “All Of You Who Hates America And U.S Flag They Must Leave This Country, This Is Not Place For Traitor And Ungrateful People”. Do You Support Him ?

You are aware and totally-with-it, i.e. hipzilla, but you pronounce “Wayne Newton” as if you’re afraid of it: “Wayne Newton,” the same voice you used the first time somebody told you what sashimi was in a Japanese restaurant — i.e. raw fish?

Pronounce it with the finality of, say, “Disneyland,” or “South Dakota,” Wayne Newton being, after all, the highest-paid nightclub entertainer in the history of civilization as we know it, which is to say Las Vegas.

C’mon: Bigger than Elvis? Bigger than Sinatra? Wayne Newton.

That fat kid who sang “Danke Schoen” in a soprano a million years ago (i.e. 1964)? That 37-year-old guy up on stage with a belt buckle the size of a steering wheel and the last surviving Don Ameche pencil mustache in America?

Wayne Newton: He makes $10 million (a very conservative estimate) per year after year with no hit records, movies, TV series.

Okay, Kenny Rogers might’ve made more last year, but, Kenny Rogers makes hit records, and he tours.

“Wayne Newton never goes anyplace!” exclaims Shelley Schultz, who heads International Creative Management’s personal-appearances division in New York.


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