57-43: Senate Completely Abolishes Obama’s Pride And Joy, Law Gets Shredded By Majority Vote

Over the course of the past eight years, former President Obama brought forth a tremendous amount of unnecessary rules and regulations designed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights. And like most Democrats, his biggest target was the Second Amendment, which allows American citizens to arm themselves.

His eight-year crusade included executive orders that stopped people from buying guns, for whatever reason he could think of, including if they were receiving Social Security disability benefits. However, within the first few days of Trump’s Presidency that was quickly taken down. First, the House of Representatives voted to overturn this measure, sending it to the Senate.

But now, the Senate has officially overturned this Obama-era regulation, as they voted 57-43 to stop the regulation in its tracks. And because both the Senate and the House have overturned this regulation, it will be sent to President Donald Trump’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

As stated earlier, the Obama regulation targeted people that were receiving Social Security disability benefits. His regulation stated that if those people were receiving those benefits, then they were not able to purchase a gun for themselves.

Obama Went After Guns Again

If they were on this list, then the Social Security Administration would have to report those people, as well as others that have a mental health condition, to the FBI’s background check system. That is the database used to determine if someone is eligible to buy a gun or not.

It was a rule that was implemented by the Obama administration after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Naturally, the Democrats in the Senate were not thrilled with the fact that the regulation was overturned.

Senator Murphy, who represented Newtown while he was a Representative in the House, slammed the GOP for doing this. He said that the overturning of this vote would make it easier for people that have a mental illness to go out and buy a gun and essentially endanger the public.

“The [Congressional Review Act] we have before us today will make it harder for the federal government to do what we have told them to do for decades, which is to put dangerous people and people who are seriously mentally ill on the list of people who are prohibited from buying a gun,” Murphy said while on the Senate floor.

He later added that “we know that people with serious mental illness in this country can go buy a very powerful weapon and do great damage with it.” Except that isn’t true. In the case of the Newtown shooting, the shooter who was mentally ill STOLE the weapons from his family.

So what about the people that are receiving disability benefits and are NOT severely mentally ill? Should they be forbidden from buying a gun for that simple fact? No they shouldn’t! This was just another attempt by the Obama administration to do away with guns in whatever manner they could.

He Tried To Take Away Guns From People!

Thankfully the GOP-led Congress is able to overturn some of these regulations. They are doing so by virtue of the Congressional Review Act. This act, in addition to revising some regulations by the previous administration, allows Senators to ignore the 60-vote regulation. Instead, they are allowed to have a simple majority, as evidenced by the vote total.

Critics of the regulation, which was set to activate in December if left untouched, said that it was taking away the Second Amendment rights from people who AREN’T severely mentally ill. People that have eating or sleeping disorders wouldn’t have been able to purchase a gun if this regulation was still in place.

Also, as stated above, there are people that have difficulties managing their own finances. Does that mean they are a danger to society? Of course not! In fact, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made a note to say that 20 disability groups were against the regulation.

“The reality is that, like us, they believe the regulation is simply bad policy, places an unfair stigma on those with disabilities and violates their constitutional rights which is why a wide array of groups oppose it.”

The National Rifle Association was also against the rule. They said that the determination of who is too mentally unstable to own a gun or not should be left to the court system.

It cannot be accurately stated how oppose to guns that President Obama was. This was someone that spoke out against every single mass shooting as a plea for stronger gun laws. At one point, he even said that prayer isn’t necessary; what we need as a nation is stronger gun laws.

Obama: The Anti-Gun President!

Then there is the fact that the city that Obama was from, Chicago, has one of the toughest gun control laws in the entire United States. Naturally, Obama is proud of that fact. The reality however, is that Chicago is essentially a war zone. Those “gun safety” policies that are in place allowed Chicago to have historic gun crime.

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