( VIDEO ) Who Goes To Prison First? The Memo Was Just The Beginning – Nunes Leaks Massive Secret About What’s Coming Out Next …THIS IS WAR!!

Americans have been on the edge of their seat and patiently waiting for the FISA memo to be released. They got it. It was a bombshell to many and a dud to others, but one thing is for sure – Devin Nunes is breaking grounds and throwing flaming hammers at people like he’s Thor coming to battle evil. Nunes isn’t backing down from his investigation work, and he’s blowing the hinges off the doors of collusion, FBI, and more. There’s going to be an internal civil war after what Nunes leaks next. He let out some hints about the massive secret that’s coming soon, and this could be a thousand times more intricate than the first four-page memo released. If you thought the main event had started, then you were wrong. The FISA memo was just a preview of what Nunes is up to.

The Nunes FISA memo was so threatening that it seemed like someone was reminding President Trump what the FBI is capable can do when no one is looking. With all the nonsense going on among FBI employees being anti-Trump or pro-Hillary, possible affairs, meddling with elections, talks of Russia – it sounds like they have their hands full with everything but work. While all of that was going on, there might have been Devin Nunes casually stockpiling information against people in hopes to bring down the house upon corruption. What price is Nunes willing to pay? What will he sacrifice to provide the truth to American citizens and people around the world? What does Devin Nunes plan to release next?

Conservative 101 reported more on the incident with Devin Nunes:
“In an interview with Fox News, Devin Nunes revealed his role in the FISA memo, as well as what is to come. According to him, the released memo was only ‘phase one’, and now he is working on ‘phase two’.

“This completes just the FISA abuse portion of our investigation. We are in the middle of what I call ‘Phase Two’ of our investigation, which involves other departments, specifically the State Department and some of the involvement that they had in this,” said Nunes.

“The agreement we made with the Department of Justice was to create a reading room and allow one member and two investigators to review the documents. I thought the best person on our committee will be the chairman of the Oversight Committee, [Rep. Trey] Gowdy. They would come back with their notes and brief the rest of the committee members,” explained Nunes.

“We continue to work towards finding answers and asking the right questions to try to get to the bottom of what exactly the State Department was up to in terms of this Russian investigation,” said Nunes.

Then comes the stinger. “In fact there’s a good chance — lets not forget where the dossier came from — it came from Russians. So there’s clear evidence of collusion with the Russians — it just happens to be with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee,” said Nunes.”

Phase two!!! This situation is absolutely intense. Nunes had Trey Gowdy reading documentation and briefing people on it. Trey Gowdy is no joke. He doesn’t care who you are or what you do, he brings the truth, and it’s a shame he recently announced that he wouldn’t stay in his current position.

It looks and sounds like Phase 2 of the memo work and investigations by Nunes, and his team might lean towards incriminating Hillary Clinton in a mouthful of collusion based crimes. If what Nunes suggests is true, then Americans will get the answers about conspiracies and collusion that they’ve been waiting for. People who support President Donald Trump will finally be relieved from all the finger pointing coming from angry leftists living in disbelief that Clinton lost to a guy who ran for President for fun. Hillary lost to someone with no experience because she was a very poor candidate and people became sick of her ultra-liberal intolerant supporters and their lust for making everything politically correct.

Democrats have a very high tendency to do something wrong and point fingers at everyone else. They like to displace their wrongdoing upon others. They live in a life filled with projection and anger. You can see it in their faces, especially Nancy Pelosi’s face when she plays with her alleged dentures.

The war is on between Nunes, his team, and everyone they are investigating corruption and wrongdoing. We better have tons of popcorn because this story is about to break open into a world filled with ongoing battles that may take years to solve. If there are any criminal indictments, then be assured there will likely be some violence that casually accompanies the paper trail of corruption. The question is that who will win? Who will go down in battle? When the war of corruption slows down, then what will our political situation be in a few months or a few years?

Who goes to prison first?


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