WOW !!! Melania Sending HUGE F YOU To Her Haters With Who She’s Bringing To The SOTU!

As the President’s annual State of the Union address draws near, everyone wants to know what will be covered. Traditionally the State of the Union Address is an annual message presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress, except in the first year of a new president’s term. As you’ll remember, the President did address a joint session of Congress last year around this time, but since he hadn’t been President for the appropriate amount of time, it wasn’t officially considered a State of the Union.

Now that he has had a year in office to do things, and evaluate what the state of this union is, he will be talking to not only Congress, but the world about how he feels things are going, and what he wants to accomplish in the future. This year, the topics will no doubt be varied but include what he considers to be the top issues of the day.

As could be expected, the First Lady attends this big event in support of her husband and the nation. Her special seating is right next to the other special guests of the President. This year she gets the welcome and play host to some amazing people. The President has invited a list of some people that he thinks America should know about. Biz Pac Review reports that the First Lady will be sharing a box with some of America’s finest, and we can’t wait to see it:

“The White House released the full list of guests on Monday set to sit in First Lady Melania Trump’s box during the president’s State of the Union speech tonight, and indeed, a more impressive cross-section of Americans would be tough to find.

From border agents to police officers, military heroes, the family members of tragic victims of MS-13 violence, and even ordinary, hard-working Americans who will benefit from the newly-implemented GOP tax plan, the list not only represents the best of America, but also the best of what the Trump presidency is trying to accomplish.

Those on the fence about whether America should secure its border or not, a key initiative of President Trump since he first announced his candidacy, will be hard pressed to look into the eyes of the parents of Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, friends who were ‘chased down and brutally murdered’ by MS-13, or border patrol agent CJ Martinez, whose career has been dedicated to stopping the brutal gang.

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the American military and what they are accomplishing will find it difficult to ignore retired Corporal Matthew Bradford, who lost his sight and both his legs in an IED explosion in 2007 and yet chose to reenlist in the Marine Corps, or Staff Sergeant Justin Peck, who braved incredible odds to save his comrade’s life.

Don’t like the police? Tell that to Ryan Holets, who has been shot twice in the line of duty and yet continues to serve.

Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi and think the new GOP tax plan is ‘crumbs?’ Tell that to Corey Adams, a welder who plans to invest his tax savings to fund their daughters’ education, or Steve Staub and Sandy Kepingler, who are expanding and were even able to give their employees larger bonuses in no small part thanks to the new law.

The President seems to be getting ready to remind America who he is working for. The liberals like to trot the “dreamers” out and make conservatives look heartless, but the reality is that Republicans, and the President, have a reputation of looking out for our uniformed military and first responders before they look out for illegals, and that’s a reputation that we’re all ok with.

It’s not just those who get paid to protect that he’s planning to point to, either. Here are two more honored guests at tonight’s event, found on the complete list, from

“Jon Bridgers: Jon Bridgers founded the Cajun Navy 2016, as a non-profit rescue and recovery organization to respond to flooding in south Louisiana. In 2017, the Cajun Navy set out to provide aid to those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. He and the Cajun Navy 2016 have helped thousands of people across the South, and to this day, they are helping collect resources and donations for those who lost their homes in the storms.

David Dahlberg: David Dahlberg works as a fire prevention technician in southern California, stationed at the Pine Canyon Fire Station in the Santa Lucia Ranger District. In July 2017, he saved 62 children and staff members from a raging wildfire that had encircled their camp.”

These are the everyday heroes who work a day job and do the right thing when tragedy strikes. These are probably the ones with about $1000 extra in their pockets because of the GOP tax plan. They’re the backbone of America, our neighbors and the face of the middle class and the America that President Trump wants to make better.

Strong, brave, selfless Americans who support thoughtful policies on immigration, healthcare and budgets. That’s who will be sitting next to the First Lady tonight. Those are the heros of America, and the biggest nightmare for an emotionally charged and illogically left.

[H/T: Biz Pac Review]

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