Would You Support President Trump Defunding Sanctuary Cities To Pay For Border Wall?

Texas Gov.Greg Abbott is a constitutional conservative. Unfortunately, he has a lot of sanctuary city BS to deal with in the Lone Star state.
 Thanks for nothing, liberals!
Now, Abbott has come up with a perfect way to pay for the border wall with Mexico, which could cost upwards of $20 billion. He wants to take the federal funding from sanctuary cities, via Right Scoop.
Should Trump carry through on that pledge, his home city of New York could stand to lose close to $10.4 billion in federal funds, according to budget documents sent from the City Council Speaker’s office. Among some of the biggest recipients of federal funds in the city are the Department of Social Services, the New York City Housing Authority and the Administration for Children’s Services. Santa Fe stands to lose about $6 million in federal funding, or about 2% of its annual budget, city officials said
Great idea, governor! This would fund the wall and make sure illegals are no longer being harbored in sanctuary cities.
This is BIG LEAGUE! These are the kinds of ideas we need in Washington D.C.
If only America had 49 more governors like Abbott we wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Unfortunately, Democrats exist.
Do you support President Trump defunding sanctuary cities to pay for the wall?
Source: http://www.flashnewsusa.me
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