WATCH: 3 ‘Muslims’ Spit On White Boy In An Elevator, Realize Their BIG Mistake Too Late

When three men cornered a “white boy” in an elevator, they likely figured that he would be an easy target, simply because of the fact that he was outnumbered. However, after purportedly deciding to spit on the man, they were smacked with a brutal dose of karma. The thugs ultimately realized what a big mistake they had made by attacking the lone white man, but by that time, it was already far too late.

A video posted to the international website Israel Video Network is going viral on social media. The footage, which appears to have first surfaced on a Facebook page called We Love Russia, has been viewed more than 25 million times. It shows a Russian man trying to ride an elevator along with three other men, who had a mind to start trouble.

While the bearded men in the video have widely been reported to be “Muslims,” those assertions are unconfirmed. However, they are reportedly from Dagestan, a Republic of Russia located on the Caspian Sea, and 83 percent of Dagestanis are Muslims. Although we cannot be totally sure if the men in the video are Muslim, it is more than likely — 83% likely to be exact.

According to IVN, the Dagestanis spit on the white man, provoking him for no apparent reason. However, it’s difficult to see the moment the three men spit on the Russian guy. It’s possible that it happened before the start of the video. What is unmistakable is the fact that they are promptly given a world-class beat down as soon as the elevator door opens.

These men had apparently grown so comfortable with their untouchable status that they didn’t have a second thought about harassing a lone man in public for seemingly no reason, even spitting on him in the elevator. These barbaric imbeciles appear to be operating under the assumption that there will be no consequences for their disgusting behavior. However, they were shown just how wrong they were.

This is what Western countries must consider before allowing throngs of un-vetted migrants to invade their borders. Not every society is equal, and ones, where a group of men feels emboldened enough to publicly attack a lone man for no reason, aren’t ones that we should welcome with open arms. We should be looking at what happens in Muslim majority areas, like where these men hail from, to see what’s tolerable behavior there before we accept it into our own countries because these people don’t leave their behaviors behind when they enter a new nation.

European nations like Germany and Sweden have welcomed so-called “refugees” from Muslim majority counties with open arms, provided them with absolutely every convenience – all at the expense of hardworking taxpayers, of course – and asked for nothing in return. Meanwhile, the recipients of such generosity aren’t even expected to follow the laws of the counties they’ve invaded. When they’re being permitted to rape women and molest children at the local swimming pool without repercussion, why not walk around spitting on people in elevators, too?

Now, we have a situation like the Wild West on our hands. Liberal governments refuse to put the safety and well-being of natural citizens before the feelings of Islamic migrants, so what are the people left to do? Fend for themselves. With their backs against the wall, men like the “white boy” in this video are forced to lay down the law the old-fashioned way, lest they become a victim.

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