(VIDEO) Trey Gowdy Confronts Immigration Agent “All 11 Million Can’t Pass A Background Check!!!” Do You Support Trey???

Trey Gowdy is a courageous warrior for real Americans!!!

We think Trump needs to give this man leadership position in his immigration reform.

He is respectful, logical, and straight to the point.

Trey once again nails the heart of the issue as usual.  He also does an excellent job denoting “there is no difference,no alternative distinction in ILLEGAL, they’re ALL ILLEGAL WITHIN THE ARGUMENT, THEY AND DEMOCRATS ALONE MADE THEM THAT WAY FOR NOT FOLLOWING  THE PROPER PATH TO CITIZENSHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!

It terrifies the hell out of Democrats when reasonable people actually listen to one another in an attempt to resolve the true issue before them. Instead they want chaos and  anarchy in the streets, so they can mold the narrative as it unfolds using their choice of accusations .

We honest citizens didn’t cause this crisis, the ones not following the actual United States laws/statutes abiding by the real path to citizenship DID!! LYING DEMOCRAT IN SIGHT  do not only disrespect natural born American citizens with a major voice in all this but the legitimacy of our Justice System itself whereby they manipulate the facts, unfairly characterize the opposition with serious charges of social injustice and continue their plot to circumvent our laws even with the legal case made before them, there is some alternative type or way to allow millions of “undocumented citizens” to remain in place as someone who’s paid their dues to gain citizenship.

We are waiting  for the day to hear an honest Democrat finally admit it- “the conservative right was correct in their position, we (as Democrats) were upholding illegal means in our entire argument when all we had to do from day one is admit there was only one way” THE LEGAL WAY” IN BECOMING A UNITED STATES CITIZEN!!!

Trey Gowdy is for the Constitution and for what America is all about. God Bless him!!!

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