( VIDEO ) Seconds After Melania Brings Mother of Opioid Victim onto Stage, the Incredible Happens…DO YOU SUPPORT MELANIA ???

The opioid crisis has been an ongoing struggle for many years. Thankfully, President Trump and his administration have taken drastic steps to start solving this problem once and for all.

Today, First Lady Melania Trump spoke before the White House’s opioid summit by reading a letter from a grieving mother who lost her son to an overdose.

Betty Henderson came up on stage as Melania read the letter that she had written about her son, Billy just a month after he died of an overdose.

In the letter, Henderson pleaded with Melania for help on this crisis so no more innocent children are lost. Melania was touched by the letter and almost broke into tears reading it on stage.

“No mother should ever have to claim their child’s body. I’m sure that you, as a mother, would have an understanding of the depths of despair experience I had on that day. … I’m asking for your help in claiming these lost souls before drugs take them from this earth.”

Melania wanted to do this because she felt touched by the personal nature of the letter and the grief that Ms. Henderson was experiencing.

“Thank you for having the strength to reach out in the midst of your grief.”

Melania implored the 200 people in attendance to remember Henderson as they work toward their goal of combatting this crisis.

“Sadly, she’s not alone, and we need to change that.”

This was a very blunt statement from Melania, who is usually shy and likes to stay in the background of initiatives. This one was too much for her to stay silent on.

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