( VIDEO ) Sarah Huckabee Just Gave a HUGE Gift to Her Dad on Live TV…DO YOU SUPPORT SARAH ???

Just prior to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped by to talk with Fox News about the upcoming speech and Trump’s successes during his first year as President.

Sarah discussed the disconnect between liberals boycotting Trump’s speech and how great the economy is doing under President Trump.

“…their message is one of negativity and, frankly, I think a little bit of delusion.”

The hosts then went on to talk about a brief tour that Sarah had given to Fox News in the White House earlier Tuesday where she showed off her “Warrior Whiskey” in her office as well as her kids’ artwork.

During the interview, the host asked her if her kids watch her on TV during the press briefings. Her answer is adorable.

“I think most of the time they prefer to watch Mickey Mouse or any other animated cartoon. We talk about things they don’t understand [in the briefings].”

She then gave a huge shoutout to her dad and mom for always watching her press briefings.

“He always watches. My mom always watches. My family I can count on, usually to tune in.”

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