( VIDEO ) Pissed Off New Yorker Sees Muslim Welfare Queen Committing FRAUD At Walmart… Records It All In DISGUST!!!! SHE HAS NO SHAME …Goes Into Foul Mouth Rage!!!

As Americans, I believe that most of us are good people. We recognize that not everyone is as fortunate as others, and may need a bit of neighborly help to get through hard times, I mean, shoot, you may have been one of those people!

It is never a waste of time to help those are desperately in need of your help. It will always feel that if you are helping those in need out of the kindness of your own heart, it’s as if you get more out of it than those who you are helping.

It just works that way.

But then there are those who feel no prudence to be responsible for their own well-being, and continuously take advantage of those who have offered their help. There is no better example than the government, taxpayer funded social security programs, which are massively abused every day.

One such example of this gross abuse was videoed by a New York lawyer. He was purchasing items from his local grocery store when he noticed that there was a Muslim woman who had filled her cart full of soda, and was attempting to purchase them.

All of this was paid for with a food stamp card…

The Lawyer overheard that the woman was purchasing all the drinks…Only to turn around and sell them at her own convenience store she owned. The lawyer saw the injustice that was happening and confronted the woman out in the parking lot about the purchase…She wasn’t exactly the delicate flower and spewed out some pretty course language. Check it out:

“The lawyer asked the woman her name.

“My name is **** America,” she replied. He then took a video of the registration on her vehicle.

“You’re cheating taxpayers out of their money,” the lawyer said.

“I don’t care,” she replied.”

The argument continued to get heated with the woman uttering more course language and threatening the lawyer who had the mind to record the whole encounter, and thus we see for ourselves just how abused our law abiding taxpayers are…Both by individuals, and the government.


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