( VIDEO ) Laura Ingraham Just Exposed Explosive Email from FL Sheriff’s Dept. That Will Ruin Them

Things just got real. And here it is, the absolute truth sponsored by yours truly, Laura Ingraham.

During an “Ingraham Angle” exclusive segment, Ingraham brought some shocking news from an internal email circulated through the Broward County Sheriff’s Office – home of Sheriff Scott Israel, the man whose team dropped the ball during the Parkland shooting, but is deflecting all of the attention off of him and toward the National Rifle Association.

The e-mail has been dually verified and commands the employees in the office to defend Israel as he “find[s himself] up against a flurry of media allegations. He stood with us, and now we must stand with him.”

Ingraham drops the bomb on the originator of this message:

“The focus should be on getting to the bottom of what happened. [It] shouldn’t be about saving [Israel’s] job.”

Boom! So true!

Israel’s recent attacks on the NRA and display of awful leadership skills  are not the first things that have brought media attention to Israel’s circus; Ingraham reports that in 2015, Israel applied decals of his own face on 5 sheriff’s vehicles, paid for by the taxpayers, dubbing them “Israelmobiles.” Gross.

Ingraham closed with a call on President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the sheriff’s department’s actions in relation to the tragic Parkland high shooting.

It’s surprising that any of his subordinates would rush to his aid, as he is clearly an awful leader; shifting blame and inciting further division in the country. What a guy.

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