( VIDEO ) After Reporters Corner Her With Accusations, Sarah Huckabee Silences Them With Facts

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was cornered by reporters today outside the White House regarding the new book released by Bob Woodward yesterday.

The liberal media has been going crazy ever since quotes from the book surfaced on Tuesday that do not paint President Trump in a good light.

Despite the book being anecdotal and unproven, the media has run away with this story and used it to bully Sarah Huckabee into talking to them.

They cornered her for statements regarding the quotes in the book and immediately asked her why “so many current and former staffers are painting a picture of disfunction in this White House.”

Sarah’s answer stunned everyone around her.

“I don’t think there are that many current staffers that are painting that picture. … I don’t think you can have the type of success that we have had in this White House under this president if that book was an accurate reflection of what is taking place.”

This is the kind of simple and to-the-point answers that Sarah gives that shuts reporters right up and forces them to move on to another question because they know they can’t argue with her reasoning.

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