( VIDEO ) After Pelosi Blasts Trump’s SOTU, Newt Gingrich Exposes Her DIRTY Secret!

The Democrats have again made themselves look foolish! News media all over the country was covering the infamous scowl that was on congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s face all throughout the entirety of President Trump’s State of the Union Address Tuesday evening.

In fact, many Democrats were caught frowning through the whole address, seeming to hate the fact that President Trump is succeeding in his vision of making America great again.

Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich was on Fox News on Wednesday where he commented on Pelosi’s immaturity and clear ineptitude in her role as speaker.

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“Speaker Pelosi…who I believe if you took all the pictures of her and put them together in one package, you’d know why you didn’t want her to be speaker again. I have never seen anybody so openly disgusted with being there. I mean she hated being there.”

The Democrats are unbelievable in the lengths that they will go to disrespect their President. Never before has a party been so obstructive and unprofessional. Gingrich even goes on to explain how the Republicans acted with maturity and class during the speeches of both Obama and Clinton:

“Both with Clinton and with Obama, the Republicans would’ve said, ‘Try not to break out and try not to be negative.’ Because you have the whole country watching. It’s the highest rated political event of the year.”

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SOURCE : https://www.ustruthwire.com


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