( VIDEO ) After April Ryan Interrupts Her, Sarah Unleashes a Firestorm and Stuns The Whole Room

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sander held a press briefing today to discuss the upcoming fight to prevent a government shutdown, as well as reflect on Trump’s successful State of the Union address.

Of course, right away, CNN’s April Ryan immediately launched into a tirade about DACA and the DREAMers, ignoring all the good President Trump has done while in office. Sarah told her exactly what she needs to know about the upcoming budget and immigration deal.

“The president wants solutions. He wants a 2-year budget deal and he wants to get a deal on immigration. It’s pretty simple.”

April interjected with a second question about why President Trump called Democrats “treasonous” for not clapping during his State of the Union Address and why this was different than other years.

Sarah laid into her at this point.

“I think it’s un-American not to be excited about the fact that more people in this country have jobs than they did before; the fact that more people have higher wages than they did before; the fact that the economy is booming like it wasn’t before; … I don’t care what party you’re from, these are things that every American should be excited about and be able to celebrate.”

April tried to interrupt her again but Sarah would not let her.

“We should be excited about the fact that we are making progress.”

That should be all she needs to say about the subject but Democrats are never happy when Republicans are doing well in their government positions.

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