Users Beware! Facebook Drops Another Bombshell !!! MORE CONTROL!!!

Facebook has taken another step on the road to total control of millennials view of the news. Facebook has already been caught suppressing the conservative sites and throttling their viewership, but will now run them through the fake news algorithms. This has turned into a Big Brother operation now that it is the dominant force in social networking. All you have to do is follow the world-view of Mark Zuckerberg to see where this is headed. Conservatives and liberals alike should get a warning label to “Use at your own Risk!”

As Written by Joseph Curl for the Daily Wire:

Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard dropout who created Facebook, loved hanging out with President Barack Obama.

Even more, the Zuck loved suppressing conservative news reports from Facebook’s Trending Topics section.

And soon, the curly-haired 33-year-old who is looking ever more like a politician, will love deciding what “real news” is.

Four out of 10 millennials get their news off of Facebook’s news feed, according to a new survey released by LendEDU. “With all of the recent news regarding fake news articles running rampant on the social networking site, this is certainly a worrisome trend developing where consumers rely on Facebook stories, accurate or not, to keep them informed,” Mike Brown, research analyst at LendEDU, told FOX Business.

Now comes word that Facebook will revamp its Trending Topics feature to highlight “other publications,” (whatever that means) with hopes to doing so will help people “feel more informed about the news.”

“You’ve always been able to click on a topic to see related posts and stories, but we’ve redesigned the page to make it easier to discover other publications that are covering the story, as well as what your friends and public figures are saying about it,” Facebook said in a blog post written by Ali …….


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