Trump Knocked 3 MASSIVE Wins Out Of The Park This Week While The Media Was Looking The Other Way

While the left stream media has been busy at work trying to convince the American public that the AR-15 style is the cause of all our problems and that Hope Hicks leaving the White House means that President Donald Trump might finally be stepping aside and letting Crooked Hillary take over the presidency, our awesome president has been busy racking up wins.

Via The Agenda:

“1. The Department of Education boosts charter schools, lightens civil-rights scrutiny

Betsy DeVos took a lot of heat for her lack of experience when she was nominated to be Trump’s secretary of education, a billionaire charter-schools advocate who’d never worked in government or even a school. But in the past year, DeVos has clearly figured out how to use the levers of power in her department, rolling back Obama-era regulations and policies on everything from for-profit colleges to campus sexual assault.

This week came a trio of changes. On Tuesday, the department released its final priorities for how it allocates competitive grant money—a little-known agency power that can fuel long-term policy shifts by funneling money to favored organizations. It declared a new focus on expanding school choice, as well as other Trump administration priorities like the promotion of STEM and computer science. It’s a major shift from the priorities under DeVos’ predecessor, John King, which focused on socioeconomic diversity in schools.

Also on Tuesday, the Department proposed delaying for two years a rule issued at the tail end of the Obama era that attempted to address the disproportionate number of minority students in special education classes, ensuring that states were using a uniform standard in determining which students were placed in those classes. The rule was scheduled to take effect on July 1; the delay would push it into 2020.

Finally, the Department also posted a new version of its rulebook for investigating civil rights abuses in U.S. schools, notably eliminating all mentions of “systemic” investigations and effectively telling investigators to look at schools on a case-by-case basis. Civil rights leaders slammed the move, saying it would put marginalized students, such as immigrants and LGBT people, at risk. The agency responded by saying the changes were necessary to reduce the case backlog and protect students’ civil rights in a timely manner. The revisions take effect on March 5.

2. In Mexico, Trump’s trade agenda moves forward

This week’s trade news may have been dominated by Trump’s threatening new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and his positive tweeting about a “trade war,” but his administration also made a few other important trade announcements that could have far-reaching implications on the U.S. economy.

In Mexico City this week, the U.S., Mexico and Canada continued to negotiate reforms to the North American Free Trade Agreement, a slow process that continues to hit roadblocks, particularly on how much of a car needs to be made in North America to qualify for preferential tariffs. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer also refused to budge from his position on eliminating NAFTA’s controversial provision for settling investor-state disputes, raising fears in the business community that a policy that industry generally likes is unlikely to be included in a renegotiated NAFTA deal.

On Tuesday, the Commerce Department issued final duties on aluminum foil imports for China, designed to offset what Commerce said was unfair subsidies from the Chinese government. Then, on Wednesday, the Office of the USTR revealed in its 359-page annual trade agenda that it would seek a three-year renewal of the “trade promotion authority” that Congress granted to Obama in 2015, which lets the White House negotiate trade deals and restricts Congress to an up-or-down vote on the resulting agreements. The administration must request such an extension by April 1, and despite Republicans controlling both Congress and the White House, this might not be smooth sailing: Many congressional Republicans are openly unhappy with the president’s aluminum and steel tariffs.

3. EPA weakens a rule on methane emissions

In 2016, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency issued a new rule to reduce methane leaks from oil and gas wells. Environmentalists cheered the news, while industry groups criticized them as overly burdensome. This week, the EPA sided with industry, giving oil and gas companies up to two years to fix methane leaks and eliminating a requirement that forced them to fix leaks during emergency or unscheduled shutdowns. Under the new proposal, operators must repair leaks during the next scheduled shutdown or within two years, whichever is sooner. The changes weren’t exactly a surprise, as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has been attempting to loosen or repeal the rule altogether since he took office. Last year, a court even rejected the EPA’s attempt to delay the rule’s compliance dates.”

And another win might very well be the fact that on Friday morning the president stated there is no way DACA will be renewed. And not thanks to him, but thanks to the Democrats in the Senate who refuse to negotiate and give the president the border wall funding he requested in exchange for a permanent DACA deal.

So you see President Trump has already shown he can lead on many fronts, from tax reform to immigration, while at the same time letting the media ruffle its feathers and crying wolf about the latest fake controversy which they claim will finally take down his presidency. While at the same time the “Make America Great Again” agenda, which us patriotic Americans elected him to put in place keeps etching its way into the very fabric of our great nation.

This is what we elected Donald Trump to do. He has come through with everything he has promised. Who would have thought that all this time we had been doing it all wrong by electing presidents based on political parties and experience? This is the first time we elect a man who has never held public office and we end up getting everything he has promised. Even the times he has made us doubt him he still manages to come through and do what he promised us.

H/T The Agenda

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