Trey Gowdy Reveals True Reason Why Obama Just Left The Country!

Barack Obama jetted off to Indonesia on Friday with his family for another luxury vacation. However, Rep. Trey Gowdy doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that Obama has chosen to head to a country that has no extradition agreement with the U.S. right as the investigation into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is heating up.

Mad World News reported

that Obama chose to head to Indonesia right after the Senate Intelligence Committee opened an investigation into Lynch’s handling of the Hillary Clinton probe. Gowdy would now like to know when Obama plans to come back to the U.S., because he has some questions to ask him.

“Give me a chance to danger a wild figure: that there might be something else on that server that they didn’t need law authorization to see?” Gowdy said. “That is the place you begin. I don’t care for guessing, however I have managed in the past with casualties who might not participate with examinations. Ordinarily, the reason is, there is something else you don’t need law requirement to see.”

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