Tomi Lahren: The American People ‘Will Not Forget’ Dems Sitting for SOTU

It’s time for Final Thoughts …

Last night, we watched the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, remind us what it means to be Americans. What it means to take pride in a hard day’s work. What it means to keep promises made to the American people – all American people – of every color, gender, background and religion.

He reminded us what is means to put America – and Americans – first. He cut through the identity politics, the fake news and mainstream media BS to remind us what his agenda and promise has produced.

He had promised to cut taxes – and got us a reform package that cuts taxes for 80 percent of Americans. More than 3 million people have received a bonus since that tax package passed in December. That’s really money, Nancy Pelosi.

Trump has also rolled back regulations, and continues to unleash the free market. He’s made the U.S. competitive on the world stage, creating jobs, higher wages and hope for the American people.

The President proudly stood to celebrate unemployment at a 17-year low – and the lowest unemployment rates EVER for Hispanic and African Americans.

And what did the Democrats do?

They sat. They sat while our president talked about prosperity for all, jobs for the American worker, pride in our police and military, the dismantling of ISIS, the promise to rebuild our infrastructure, border security, national security, fair trade deals, and an end to the opioid epidemic. They sat when our president saluted the stars, stripes, and our one nation under God.

The Democrats chose instead to bring illegal immigrants to the State of the Union. They chose to put their resentment of Donald Trump over the American people, who elected them to protect and serve the U.S. Constitution. They chose to put those illegals over Americans, and over a compromise to protect the very DREAMERs they claim to fight for.

So remember this …


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