Ted Cruz Declares War On Senate Democrats, And Chuck Schumer Is Boiling Mad

The Democrats are beset with several serious problems. The most recent are the accusations of sexual harassment of women by various members of that party. The Republicans are not innocent in this regard, but they have one, or actually two, big advantages. Neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton are Republicans.

It looks like this. Democrats claim to be the champions of women’s empowerment and rights. Sheltering and defending sexual predators is a sin they cannot countenance. So what’s to be said of Hillary’s determined and vicious attacks on women who brought credible claims of harassment against Bill when he first ran for president? Exactly. And now we get the same sort of hypocrisy from Democratic leadership in the current mess.

Democrats are circling the wagons in their defense of Senator Al Franken in what is a very nasty business. So, like Hillary, they are committing the sin of turning their backs on females with credible accusations and photographic evidence. Senator Ted Cruz will not let them off the hook. He is calling out the Democrats for their defense of Franken while they have attacked Roy Moore. And this, when no such evidence as been presented against the Republican candidate. Mr. Schumer is have a very bad time of it.

“According to Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek, Cruz said in a radio interview on Friday:
“‘It is more than a little rich’ that Democrats who’ve been speaking out against Roy Moore are ‘suddenly in witness protection when it concerns one of their own.’
“‘These allegations against Al Franken are serious,’ Cruz added. ‘The picture is highly damning.’”
As has been often pointed out here, one’s guilt or innocence is not determined by one’s political views. That this has often been true, as in the case with Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, is an indictment. It is not an encouragement to more such miscarriages of justice.
But what about Moore? Here is Senator Cruz’s position:
“When asked about the allegations against Moore, Cruz reiterated what he previously said about them: that if they are false like Moore claims, then Moore needs to provide indisputable evidence to prove that. Otherwise, Cruz said that Moore can’t simply blame the media. If Moore can’t do that, then he should step aside, Cruz has said.”
Of course, that’s what make these cases so difficult. How does one prove something did not happen?
There is not one positive thing one can say about this mess, other than perhaps there are not more so accused.
That Hillary had to weigh in on the topic only illustrates the limitless gall that woman possesses. She is one of the nation’s top enablers of such behavior at the highest level of political power in our country. Is there any cause, other than her own, that she will not betray?
Source: https://flashnewsusa.blogspot.mk
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