SCOTUS Says Immigrants Are Not Owed The Same Constitutional Protections As Regular Americans

There is one thing that the Supreme Court has been consistent on down through the years. That issue has to do with the rights, if any, of illegal immigrants. The Alt-Left, the Democrats, and the mainstream media would have you believe that the rights of these illegals are the same as yours. That is nowhere near the truth. In this article, you can see the many decisions that the Supreme Court has ruled upon in the past. They have overruled District Courts that have overstepped the Constitution. They have defined exactly what we owe to people seeking to gain admission to the nation. In a word – Nothing.

As Written and Reported By Matt O’Brien for Lifezette: 

Contrary to what the liberal media and open-borders advocates say, immigrants are not owed same constitutional protections as regular Americans.

President Donald Trump recently suggested that illegal aliens should be sent back to their countries of origin without hearings and the years of litigation that often follow.

He branded the current process, which permits illegal aliens to repeatedly contest orders of removal, as “a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order.”

The mainstream media wasted no time in characterizing his suggestion as a “push to end due process for illegal immigrants.” And multiple news outlets made all manner of wild claims about the so-called rights of illegal aliens. But once again, in an effort to portray the chief executive as a xenophobe, the open-borders lobby has gotten its facts backward.

Trump is actually right on the mark. Much of the current legal framework for removing illegal aliens from the United States consists of badly reasoned federal district-court decisions, ridiculous settlement agreements, and politically motivated policy decisions.

The open-borders lobby and …..


Supreme Court Says Foreign Nationals Have No Due Process Rights Here

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