After Reporter Claims Trump Causes Fights, Sarah Huckabee Completely WRECKS Him with the TRUTH

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on-camera press briefing today on President Trump’s upcoming trip to Camp David, as well as the debt ceiling and hurricane relief funding.

Determined, as usual, to bash President Trump, liberal reporter Major Garrett asked Huckabee to comment on Trump’s surprise agreement earlier this week with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling temporarily while providing hurricane relief for victims of the super storms. She promptly shut him DOWN.

“…I think the most important thing is that the deal got done. The president acted on it and he worked with Democrats to get it done and I think he’s going to continue to work with whomever is interested in moving the ball forward to help the American people.”

Garrett asked what Trump’s message to those unhappy with his actions on the debt ceiling is.

“I think the biggest message is that we’re a lot less focused on what makes Congress and what makes Americans better and stronger. And that was a decision that the president made that this was something that was important to get done and he was willing to work with Democrats to make sure it happened.”

Liberals are determined to find fault in everything President Trump does, even when it aligns with their beliefs and values. This is further proof that he can never appease these people and they are determined to remove him from office.

We must stand up and fight for President Trump and this country! Call your legislators and tell them to support our President!


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