”I Refuse To Live In A Country Where’ Trump Is President” – Michael Moore (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert is now as unfunny as Amy Schumer! As for Michael Moore, I can’t figure out who’s more Grotesque, him or Cenk Uyger!!!!!!

This guy is so annoying , hilariously delusional , makes his living complaining and Trump gets things built. Moore wouldn’t last five minutes in the Donald’s world.

‘The Terms of My Surrender’ star says the best way to get under Trump’s skin is with an army of satire, and wants Stephen to enlist.

Moore is a genetic failure.

So happy Trump is our President:  #1 for the great job he is doing , #2 for watching leftist idiots like these to lose their freaking  mind everyday !!!

Oh Boy! These two “fucksticks” are funny. (Just Kidding), Trump Trump. Trump, “Make America Great Again”


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