President Trump Just Got What HE NEEDED To Put Obama In JAIL!

On Monday, 22-year-old Otto Warmbier tragically passed away just six days after being freed from a year of captivity in North Korea. Prior to his death, Warmbier’s family spoke out against the Obama administration for failing to bring their son home.

Now, President Donald Trump has also criticized the previous administration for their handling of the situation, noting that Obama and his team could have done more to bring the American student home.

“It’s a disrespect what happened to Otto. It’s an aggregate disrespect what happened to Otto. It ought to never, ever be permitted to happen,” Trump said. “He ought to have been brought home that same day. The outcomes would have been a great deal extraordinary.”

Fred Warmbier, Otto’s dad, additionally openly acknowledged Trump for his child’s discharge. Trump called the Warmbiers “amazing individuals.”

The announcements came not long after Trump hammered North Korea, calling the country a “merciless administration.”


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