Prеsidеnt Тrump Ovеrrulеs Аdviѕers, Firеs Ѕhot Thаt Will Chаngе Wоrld Нiѕtory Forеvеr

The ones that sold out huge swaths of middle America for a quick buck. Both sides did it and both sides get the blame.

But certain advisors around Trump either don’t get it or think we will forget why Trump ran and won in historic fashion – to protect American jobs.

There have been backroom discussions about how to soften Trump’s trade impulses – he wants to get tough and these fools are terrified when he even talks the talk.

Which is why they are terrible negotiators – China thinks Trump may tariff the heck out of them and they are worried enough to make some concessions.

Obama never had them worried about anything.

From Business Insider:

President Donald Trump on Monday caught the eye of economists and policy analysts with an offhand comment that suggested a significant shift in American’s trade policy.

Trump said his administration was looking into a “reciprocal tax” on imports: “We won’t charge them anything and we send them our product, same product as they’re sending us; and they’ll charge us 50 and 75% tax — and that’s very unfair,” Trump said during a White House meeting. “So we’re going to be doing very much a reciprocal tax, and you’ll be hearing about that during the week and during the coming months.”

Boom. That’s how it is done – talk the talk, walk the walk and keep everyone guessing as to your next move. Genius.

The liberal pundits were horrified, as usual, and have all trotted out their statistics that show this is the wrong move to make – don’t believe them.

Chris Krueger, an analyst at Cowen Washington Research Group, downplayed their hysterical concerns saying:

“In theory, Trump’s reciprocal tax would re-set the US tariff on all foreign imports to the tariff from the similar U.S. export,” Krueger said in a note to clients. “While some might see this as the opening of a global trade war to end all global trade wars, some in the White House (likely including the Commander in Chief) believe that the U.S. is already in a global trade war…and losing bigly.”

Correct – if they want to tax our goods we will tax theirs. Simple…and a long time coming.

If protecting American jobs is wrong then there is nothing right anymore and we should all just pack it in and start learning Chinese.


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