POLITICS BREAKING: It’s Official, House Intel Committee Republicans Make Huge Announcement Concerning ‘The MEMO’


Many American patriots and Republicans have reacted to an appeal over contacting their Congressional delegates to request the release of a “Top-Secret” memo. The secret memo was created by the House Intelligence Committee and has reportedly marked an outline with cloudless evidence of “abuse.”

However, not just any abuse was discovered. The Republicans knew the abuse was actually a wrong use of government surveillance curriculum by FBI and Justice Department officials. And all for the purpose of sabotaging Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. A massive reaction has caused a huge clash of waves to slam.

Subsequently, Rep. David Joyce (R-OH) recently fashioned his point across to Twitter just moments ago:

Reported by theviralpatriots:

Devin Nunes who chairs the House Intelligence Committee that produced the damning memo cited FISA violations so extreme that he wrote: “at this point it seems the DOJ and FBI need to be investigating themselves.

After viewing the memo himself, Rep. Matt Gaetz, (R-FL) was certain that evidence had been uncovered that would result in the imprisonment of Obamaadministration operatives:

“I think that this will not end just with firings.  I believe there are people who will go to jail. I was very persuaded by the evidence. And it also became clear to me why Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham felt it so important to refer this matter for criminal prosecution.  You don’t get to try to undermine our country, undermine our elections and then simply get fired.  So, I think there will be criminal implications here.”

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is a member of both the House Oversight and Investigation Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.

Judiciary Committee member Steve King (R-IA) was shocked by the evidence the memo outlined.

Let that sink in for a second.  King cannot find any possible “innocent explanation” that might explain the facts contained in the memo.

Let this sink in too: This is a memo compiled by a bi-partisan effort of our duly elected legislators not some dossier compiled by biased political operative paid millions of dollars to produce incriminating opposition research.

Sara Carter, who has been at the center of this investigation, has said what’s coming will shock the consciousness of Americans.  Carter claimed that the contents of the memo are “so explosive” that it is likely to put an end to Robert Mueller’s sham investigation.

Carter didn’t stop there.  She also claimed the evidence should lead to the prosecution of top Obama officials in the Justice Department and the FBI.


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