OPPS !!! ONE Week After Malia Obama Was Caught Kissing a White Guy She Gets Nasty Surprise From Her Racist Dad

For the past 8 years, Barack Hussein Obama’s manufactured race war ripped this country apart. Race relations in this country are at an all-time low, where we now have white cops being massacred in the name of “black justice” and Trump supporters being beaten to bloody pulps for their political opinions. Despite carrying out acts of blatant terrorism, Black Lives Matter activists would then get invites to the White House, where Obama would then use his position to lecture and demonize whites.

After two terms of dividing this country along racial lines, Obama probably never imagined that one day his own daughter would be dating a white guy, after a picture of Malia went viral several days ago. But the greater irony is that the very same people Obama bred his racism into would then viciously turn on his daughter, as Malia was savagely attacked by Black Lives Matter “activists” shortly after kissing her white boyfriend on Yale’s campus, where she’s being called the “N word” and being dubbed as a “traitor to her race.”

“Black activists and anti-White racists went completely nuclear over their crowned princess betraying their entire race and breeding with the oppressive, privileged White class,”

“The reaction to Malia’s choice of sexual partner exposes yet another flagrant hypocrisy on the Left – if the races were reversed in this situation, if these accounts belonged to white people going spittle-frothing nuts over one of their own kissing a black girl, CNN would have picked it right up and made an instant hit out of it.

Many liberals might view interracial relationships and families as the solution to ‘white privilege.’ Others, however, clearly don’t.

It’s disgusting that these ‘black activists’ are proudly using racial slurs and calling for the oppression of someone who doesn’t fit in with their in-group preferences. What’s hilarious, however, are the users claiming that Obama “sees through the eyes of White supremacy.” The president who constantly championed diversity and implemented affirmative action … indeed, he must clearly believe white people are racially superior.

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Left-wingers have a lot of explaining to do after this. The problem here clearly isn’t white people’s antagonism towards other races – black activists here are even more hateful than the whites whose race they’re constantly deconstructing, both intellectually and physically.

Barack Obama himself is mixed-race. How could he or anyone on the left possibly excuse this racist behavior from people who claim to support him? Probably because they don’t actually care about diversity, or people’s choices – they just don’t like white people.”

How ironic is it that after 8 years of drumming up the race war in our country, that it’s now Barack Hussein Obama’s very own daughter suffering the very same racism he worked tirelessly to produce. Seems like pretty poetic justice if you ask me.

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