Newt Gingrich Just Put the Fear of God Into the Deep State With Chilling Warning

Former Speaker of the House and resident truth-teller Newt Gingrich took to Fox News on Sunday to preach a message of truth and transparency, along with what happens when you choose to live on the contrary.

Gingrich not only called out the secrecy and bias in the media, but he named names,

“I mean, I think you probably have the president [Obama] involved. You have the Attorney General Loretta Lynch who you’ll remember met in secret with Bill Clinton the week they were interviewing Hillary. You now have evidence that Comey … was writing the statement exonerating Hillary two months before the interview. … it is the most extraordinary example of the deep state totally abusing the rule of law.”

He called out hypocrisy,

“… except of course for Adam Schiff and the Democrats who are in the see no evil, report no evil, just hide with evil for the weekend kind of group.”

Gingrich slaughtered Clinton and her cronies with this final statement that should leave them shuddering in fear.

“In any reasonable system of law, Secretary Clinton would already be in jail. All of her senior aides would be in jail.”

There you have it, folks. The plain, cut and dry truth about the leftists. When they’ve done something wrong, they sweep it under the rug and choke out any witnesses. When they can’t dig something up on Trump, they fabricate something – and the media runs with it! Everything is finally surfacing, and hopefully the American people see justice soon for not only being lied to but so many wasted resources on the taxpayer’s dime.

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