Mom Lost Son in Afghanistan 8 Years Ago… Didn’t Hear From Obama, But Just Got Letter From Melania

In the midst of the media uproar over an as-of-yet-unproven claim that President Donald Trump made a disrespectful statement to the widow of a recently killed U.S. serviceman, the mother of a deceased soldier has shared a letter she received from first lady Melania Trump years after her son was killed in action.

In 2009, Jill Stephenson found out that her son Benjamin Kopp, an U.S. Army Ranger, had been shot in the leg.

Stephenson initially believed that her son was going to lose the leg while still making a recovery.

Kopp was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center, but died eight days later from his injuries.

Following comments made by Trump on Monday claiming that former President Barack Obama didn’t call all of the families of fallen American heroes, Stephenson said she never received a phone call from the Obamas when her son died.

“I never got a call,” Stephenson told the Independent Journal Review. “The Obamas never sent these, either.”

In addition to saying neither President Obama nor former first lady Michelle Obama called her after her son was killed, Stephenson shared a letter with IJR that she received in September from Melania Trump.

“I wish to offer my heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices you have made and the high price you and your family have paid to help ensure our freedom,” wrote Trump.

Trump explained that she sympathized with Stephenson, who has been carrying the burden of losing her child in war.

“As a mother, you bear the burden of war in a very personal way,” the letter read.

“I want to take a moment, on Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, to honor you and your son, Corporal Benjamin Kopp, who laid down his life to protect us, our country, and all we hold dear,” Trump said.

“His sacrifice will never be forgotten,” she added. “I hold you close to my heart and keep you in my prayers.”

Stephenson’s comments and the letter from Melania Trump indicate that Donald Trump wasn’t entirely incorrect in his statement that his predecessors didn’t call or write to all of the families of fallen American soldiers.

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