Mika Brzezinski Calling Melania & Ivanka An ‘Utter Joke’ – Is Like Rosie Calling Kate Upton ‘Icky’

In a Morning Joe segment, Mika Brzezinski lashed out at Ivanka and then Melania for their ‘fake jobs’ in the White House that are ‘insulting to women’ as well as calling them an ‘utter joke’.

The comments came after co-host and Brzezinski’s fiancé Joe Scarborough discussed Ivanka’s refusal to answer a question posed by Peter Alexander regarding sexual assault allegations against her father. He called it ‘playing the daughter card’.


The Media (D) would never pose that question to Chelsea Clinton despite the very credible accusation of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, the harassment of both Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, as well as the infamous cigar and blue dress incidents involving a certain intern.

The fact is, children of Republicans are treated differently than children of Democrats. Look at the Bush twins’ drinking vs. Malia Obama’s pot smoking, attending a party with beer and a giant bong while she’s underage, and other really strange behavior.

Brzezinski said that Ivanka had gone to Washington to ‘fight for women’ and she’s just not doing her job.

‘Well it’s not like she’s transportation secretary. She came in there to fight for women and she can’t handle a question like that,’ said Brzezinski.

The whole thing is a joke. An utter joke. Just like Melania’s role on cyberbullying, which I think is an insult to women, completely.

She went on to say that she also expected Chief of Staff John Kelly would be ‘forced to put out a nice statement about Ivanka and how effective she is’ in the wake of a CNN report that claimed he was annoyed with the decision to have her travel to South Korea on state business.

Brzenski[sic] noted that this would just ‘add to the joke.’

And it went on with Joe and Mika tag-teaming the criticisms of the women.

Joe mentioned Melania speaks out about cyberbullying but essentially called her a hypocrite because President Trump ‘bullies’ people when he tweets about them.

It was truly unbelievable.

This is what Trump Derangement Syndrome can do to people.

Watch the trainwreck:

Here at Clash, we have a message for the brainiacs over at Morning Joe and to Mika in particular:

Listen, honey, the only ‘fake job‘ that should be discussed is you claiming to be a ‘journalist’.

The ‘utter joke‘ is that your fiancé thinks that he’s a musician.

Watch this horrific song that Joe Scarborough created for the Women’s March:


I wasn’t even a proponent of the Women’s March and I find it ‘an embarrassment to women’.

Congratulations, Mika and Joe in airing such an atrocity to the sense of hearing that makes one long to listen to Yoko Ono sharing her ‘art’ as a form of auditory cleansing.

Source: https://clashamerica.com

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