Michelle Tells Audience She’s A ‘SEX Symbol’ – Do You Agree?

Michelle has said some pretty outrageous things. This one takes the cake.

Perhaps Michelle is just feeling a little upstaged by the current FLOTUS.

But then, who wouldn’t be?

Back when Michelle was called on to make speeches as the First Lady, she would often speak to women about women and how the ‘patriarchy’ kept them down.

[As a female ClashDaily Editor, I personally think that’s a load of hooey. I’m younger than Michelle, so perhaps she doesn’t understand that the sexism that she faced simply is dying out.]

Michelle was giving a speech and as she bragged about her accomplishments, she discussed how the ‘nay-sayers’ in her life made her feel as though her body was more important than her mind and her accomplishments. She then said that she was viewed as a sex symbol.



Michelle says that there were teachers that didn’t think she was smart enough.

About that — we’ve read your Princeton thesis and we agree with the teachers.

And really, nobody believes that men see her as a sex symbol.

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