Maxine Waters Promises Reparations for Slavery if Dems Win Back House in 2018 (Video)

Democrat loon Maxine Waters gives reason 6,588 why the left is not to be taken seriously.

According to her, black Americans will be paid reparations for slavery if liberals take back the House in 2018.

If Democrats win back the House in 2018, Maxine Waters is promising financial reparations for black Americans.

During an appearance in Selma, Alabama on Saturday, Waters appeared alongside CNN commentator Angela Rye.

Waters took her time to — what else — attack President Trump, criticizing him for his alleged connections to Russia.

Downtrend has more:

“If we want to get to the point where we can get reparations, we’ve got to have the power to do that, number one, by having a supportive president would be wonderful, but taking back the House would be absolutely wonderful,” she added.

Jokes aside, let this be another stark reminder of why every single conservative needs to hit the polling booths vote his or her ass off in November. Unless, of course, you want dingbats like Waters controlling our government.


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