Maxine Waters Got Nasty Surprise From Black Trump Supporter From Her District

Chanell Temple is Trump supporter, but she wasn’t always. After being a witnessing of the suffering of her community under Maxine Waters, she got fed up and decided to come to Washington and gave her a nasty surprise.

On Thursday, Chanell attacked Maxine for abandoning the African-American community. Chanell explained that after hours of waiting in front of Maxine’s office in LA, she refused to meet with her, so, that is why she came to D.C.

“Chanell Temple of We the People Rising, a California Black Trump supporter, slams the corrupt, racist Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) who has done nothing to help the black community, but does everything to help illegal aliens,” wrote activist Arthur Christopher Schaper.

Temple share a video saying, “This is Chanell, and I’m outside in front of Maxine Waters’ office. I went inside trying to make connections, trying to get an appointment, and as usual, no connection. No one was available and this is what happens in California. We go to her office, we try to make connections, we call her office. They don’t have time for us, but she has time to represent illegal criminals. This is a 24-7 job for her. Here I am at her Washington office, it’s the same thing here. No one is available.”

“This woman is being paid with taxpayers’ money, and she’s not representing American citizens. The black community has been destroyed by racist illegal immigration with her help. And it’s got to stop. Not only the black community, it has spilled over to white America, brown America, American citizens period are not being represented by this lady, and here she is laid up in the lap of luxury in Washington, the lap of luxury in California – with her $4.3 million house in Hancock Park.”

Here is what we found regarding Waters job: “Waters introduced 0 bills in the 114th Congress that got a committee vote sending it to the floor for further consideration. GovTrack looked at whether Waters supported any of 40 government transparency bills in the House that we identified in this session. We gave Waters 0 points, based on one point for co-sponsoring and three points for sponsoring any of these bills.” So apparently the only thing she does in D.S. is screaming “Impeach 45.”

Maxine Waters is chaos, she is going down and doesn’t know how to cope with the situation. It was about time someone like Chanell to come forward and demand she steps down. She won’t, but that is ok because there is no way she’ll get another term.

Maxine Waters: A Gift That Keeps Giving

Congresswoman Maxine Waters failed to anticipate her “destroy Trump” campaign would have an unpleasant boomerang effect on her own political career.

She experienced an unwanted surprise this week when returning to her posh home in Hancock Park after making the media rounds in the so-called impeachment campaign against President Trump.

Protestors had gathered outside her LA mini-mansion waving placards that read: “Impeach Maxine Waters” and “Do Your Job,” referring to the congresswoman’s 35-year tenure representing the infamous suburb of Compton. “She’s not representing her constituents, especially the black constituents,” complained one of the protestors before the KABC media crew. “She thinks by putting down our president, we’re going to like her more,” complained another protestor. “Every time she talks, she makes me want to throw up.” That can’t be good for her re-election chances.

Not all was doom-and-gloom on the scene. There was even a mariachi band that allowed the gathering to protest in style.

Apparently, Waters is too distracted as the new media darling — dubbed “Auntie Maxine” by fawning reporters — to perform her job. Her long history of corruption and abysmal performance in office never seems to make its way into the conversation among her co-conspirators (aka reporters) in the mainstream media.

It is a perverse irony that President Trump works round-the-clock to make inroads to improve the lives of Americans in his few months in office, and Waters with a whopping 35 years on the job continues representing a district where the socioeconomic conditions grow progressively worse.

Perhaps that’s the reason one of the protestors suggested withholding the congresswoman’s salary by waving a sign that read: “No Justice No Paycheck.” Here’s what they are so mad about: Compton is now more than $40 million awash in debt; produces schools dubbed “dropout” factories, has lost accreditation of its community college; and widespread gang violence resulted in the 43rd district being listed as the most dangerous place for homicides in Los Angeles County, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

To be fair, Compton retains the distinction of being the birthplace to the only bulletproof drive-thru funeral home. (I’m sure the proprietor has his or her reasons.)

No wonder Waters cannot be expected to live in the district she represents. It’s too dangerous. She’s safely ensconced approximately 20 miles away, but everyone knows that a change in Southland zip codes can translate to mean living worlds apart.

As for her history of corruption, Waters will argue to the death — or at least wear you out — that the three-year congressional ethics committee investigating her diversion of bailout money to her husband’s bank, OneUnited, (in which he was a stockholder and board member) was made up of a racist cabal orchestrated by the Red State (given new meaning today). The congresswoman’s influence peddling in real estate finance also caught the attention of the IRS labeling the transactions as a “scam,” according to the agency’s 2006 report.

All things considered, President Trump could not ask for a better adversary than Waters. She talks a lot about connecting the dots between Putin and Trump through baseless allegations, misstatement of facts and fanning the media-induced smoke in hopes of igniting a fire. Her own words best make her case in which she deserves an additional moniker as the “Queen of Malapropisms.”

“The fact that he (President) is wrapping his arms around Putin,” she alleged at a recent press conference, “While Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.” The congresswoman knew something was off in her statement as she looked somewhat confused, but this did not stop her from repeating the Korea allegation. “Crimea,” whispered a concerned liberal standing behind her. Let’s be clear: Putin invaded the Crimea, and not North or South Korea.

Should we give Auntie Maxine a pass because both words contain the same number of syllables. Then she would earn the same pass for referring to the President’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, as “Mike Priebus.”

It appears her liberal friends are more forgiving of her mangled messages, but not so understanding of her corruption. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a liberal group supported by George Soros, drew up a list of “the most corrupt members of Congress,” and Auntie Maxine was among the Hall of Shamers.

These are supposed to be her liberal friends.

Throughout the congresswoman’s 13 terms in office, she has acquired a long history of shameful conduct and baseless allegations dating back to the 1990s: She accused the CIA of deliberately distributing “crack cocaine to young blacks” in the inner cities and paid a courtesy visit to the parents of the black youth who randomly selected a white person (pulled from his truck) to bash his head with a cement block in an LA race riot in 1992. The parents of the innocent truck driver, Reginald Denny, did not receive the same courtesy visit. These acts of violence were dubbed by Waters as “somewhat understandable” at the time. Therefore she said: “So I call it a rebellion.” She’s on to her next “resistance” movement.

Congresswoman Waters is the perfect face, now named as the “Auntie of the Resistance,” to best reflect the shameful character and perverse nature of the campaign to destroy the majority government now in power.

The people of Inglewood California have finally woken up. They now see they live in a third world-like cesspool of unemployment, homelessness, and crime. They have been voting for the same Democrat Party elitist hacks for decades and all they have gotten is the same old crap. Congresswoman Waters doesn’t even live in her own district because she is afraid of the crime and gang activity there. But has she ever done anything to alleviate the problem? Not a thing. And her constituents are finally starting to take notice and want to do something about it. Better late than never!


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