MAN ON FIRE !!! ‘Gowdy the Great’ MOPS THE FLOOR With Obama, Gets a Standing Ovation from Congress (VIDEO)

Ever since he first caught our eye while serving on the Benghazi committee, Trey Gowdy has just kept proving he’s a first-class Congressman.

WE could listen and learn from this Gentleman for hours and days! Just awesome! It forces you to really think outside the box!

His speech, from when Obama was still in office, is one of the the most famous speeches ever made on the House floor!!!

Perhaps it will change their stance on ‘Gowdy the Great’, and American politics for good!

In this speech, he proves why we as a nation must be constitutionally literate and bound by the rule of law.

He also stated:

“The House of Representatives does not exist to pass ‘suggestions,’” Gowdy said. “We do not exist to pass ‘ideas.’ We make law. And while you are free to stand and clap, when any president comes into this hallowed chamber and promises to do it ‘with or without you,’ I will never stand and clap when any president – no matter if he is from your party or mine – promises to make us a constitutional anomaly and afterthought.  We make law!”

Although we are finally removed from the days of Obama’s reign and executive overreach, libs have began to fear that the NEW President of the United States has the ability to do whatever he pleases.
This is absolutely FALSE, and Gowdy sets that record straight in this brilliant, historic clip.


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