LMAO … Bill Maher Calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” to her Face !!! (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is not our favorite show, to say the least, but tonight it was so much fun. Bill  calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” to her face!!! LOL !!!

Before you view this video, keep in mind that the content of their discussion is not why you are watching. It’s typical liberal nonsense, shooting down Trump at every chance they get. Not very interesting, to say the least. The interesting part is when Bill Maher calls Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.”

Maher was talking about middle class Trump voters he said, “They don’t like you, Pocahontas.” The look on Elizabeth face after he delivers this line is priceless. Meanwhile, it’s not just middle class Trump voters that don’t like Elizabeth Warren. She is completely insane and has no business holding any public office.

She realy did not like the pocahontas joke !!! I hope if Trump vs Warren happens in 2020, in the debates Trump calls her Pocahontas !!!

Thank God she’s not the President and thank God Hillary isn’t either…

Full interview :


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