Liberals Outraged After Tomi Lahren Absolutely Wrecks Michelle Obama on Live TV

Reporter Toni Lahren has made herself very popular among the conservatives.

She sticks to the truth and always direct statements that are perfectly correct.

Recently, Lahren went on a rampage by bashing former First Lady Michelle Obama.

There is not a single reason why not to. Michelle dared to go against every woman in America by claiming that by voting for President Donald Trump, they voted “against their own voice.” This is very demeaning and offensive to the majority of women who made the right decision by not voting for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Worth mentioning is that 42% of women in America voted for Trump, so it is normal for Michelle to receive many negative comments. However, 42% is a positive number, knowing that there are women in America who stood up for themselves and made the right decision. They choose the perfect man for the job.

Michelle’s comment angered Lahren and she decided to explain who it actually is.

You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton, and the fact Mrs. Obama thinks that makes me less of a woman tells you everything you need to know about the left.

No Michelle, as a woman I did not want the first female president to be Hillary Clinton and for good reason. I also didn’t want another four years of your husband’s failed legacy. Oh, and trust me, I didn’t lose my voice. You’re gonna hear my voice, loud and clear. How dare you diminish and degrade my vote! How dare you look down on Trump-supporting women!” Lahren stated.

By voting for Trump, these women voted for more safety, by fixing the immigration issues. They voted for tax reforms, which would be a significant help for many families.

So far, we have seen only success by President Trump. I’m not sure that it would be the same for Hillary Clinton knowing her past. Especially the past that was revealed this year, filled up with crimes and frauds.

We can all agree that the 42% of women made the right choice.


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