Liberal Rag Caught Lying About Melania Removing 200-Yr-Old Tree from WH

The far left media is at it again, this time spreading completely bogus lies about First Lady Melania Trump.

Newsweek reported Melania ordered a 200-year-old tree to be removed from the White House without saying anything about the tree needing to come down.

From Newsmax:

Newsweek came under heavy fire Tuesday for a misleading headline that appeared to blame first lady Melania Trump for arbitrarily ordering the removal of a 200-year-old tree on the White House lawn.

In truth, it was the U.S. National Arboretum that recommended the historic Jackson Magnolia be removed — and quickly — because it was too damaged and decayed to safely remain in place, CNN reported.

More from Fox News:

“Newsweek’s bias and disdain for the First Lady and our administration was on full display when they actively chose to use a false headline instead of practicing responsible journalism. This is why Americans’ trust and confidence in mass media continues to fall,” Melania Trump Communications Director Stephanie Grisham told Fox News.

Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor mocked the publication for partaking in the “usual war on Trump” that has become a hobby of the mainstream media.

“They either find something to attack him on or they just make it up,” Gainor told Fox News. “Remember, Newsweek sold several years ago for $1. It appears the buyers were cheated.”

Completely irresponsible.

Melania did nothing wrong.

Once again, the MSM has egg on their face!

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