JUST IN: “Bikers For Trump” Gives Antifa Bad News

Things escalated at Trump’s rally in Phoenix.

It was bound to happen because angry Antifa supporters were at the rally.

Antifa you need to calm down this ain’t the middle ages.

Angry protesters swarmed the streets at Trump’s rally speech and viciously attacked the police officers that were at the rally to keep everything in check, Breitbart reports. However, Trump’s supporters were safe and protected by the group “Bikers 4 Trump.” Thank god they were there because things could have turned ugly in a matter of seconds.
Yesterday, the peaceful group Bikers 4 Trump sent out a call to their official members to “help keep the peace” at the rally in Phoenix. The representatives of Bikers 4 Trump wrote about this on their Facebook fan page. This post served as a reminder to those who were at the rally. Their official statement said: “please be mindful of our policy and integrity, we do not incite or instigate violence, disrespect other groups or discriminate against other ever, our support of President Trump and American values should always be reflected by our actions and conduct.”

These patriotic Americans were more than welcome at the rally. On the other side, Antifa’s supporters were ready for war and violence. They were locked and loaded to start it up. Antifa revealed their plan on their official web page. They said: “We will converge, in the spirit of solidarity and hostility to the current order, and as a physical body ready to act in self-defense and mutual protection of each other from cops, fascists, and liberal/radical ‘peace police.’”
According to Breitbart, Antifa just did what they previously promised. They went berserk at the rally. It got real ugly when Antifa supporters attacked the police officers. The police were forced to fight back with tear gas, flash bangs, and rubber bullets to separate the hateful rebels.
However, according to CBS News, the police response was overly extreme, despite the water bottles and rocks that were being thrown at them by the Antifa supporters. Carlos Garcia, an Antifa protester, said in an interview on the scene “It was peaceful. We started getting shot at by rubber bullets.”
Unlike Antifa, there are people in this country that don’t like to spread hatred. I want to say thank you to the members of Bikers 4 Trump that kept things under control. The patriotic way is the only way.
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Source: http://trumpsinfo.ml

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