JIM CARREY Art Depicts Mindless MELANIA TRUMP Being Brainwashed

Actor Jim Carrey shared his latest politically charged artwork on Sunday, this time mocking First Lady Melania Trump as a mindless captive as she continues to recover from a recent operation.

The artwork depicts Mrs. Trump, who recently underwent a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition and has since been absent from public view, receiving electrical signals into her brain as well as adjusting her vision. 

“Don’t worry folks. Melania is fine,” Carrey wrote on Twitter, captioning his painting. “They’re probably just reminding her how to play well with others.”

The artwork appears to be inspired by the brainwashing process in Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian sci-fi film A Clockwork Orange.

Carrey, meanwhile, has now produced dozens of politically motivated artworks, the majority of which target Donald Trump or his administration, conservative causes, and the failures of the Democratic Party. The 56-year-old comedian, whose acting career has struggled of late, has previously claimed Trump is pushing America toward “suffering beyond all imagination.”

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