Jim Acosta Asks If CNN Is In Trouble With Trump, Sarah Sanders’ Answer Sends Chills Down His Spine

Jim Acosta and the CNN wanted to know if they’re really in trouble with President Trump. Why? Are they ashamed of something? After their Russian narrative proved to be a complete ‘bogus’ they have no other option but to try their chances. Recently, Jim Acosta asked this question directly Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

This comes after President Trump announced that the CNN is according to him the fake news and he promised that he is going to stop the era of fake news.

Does he value the First Amendment as much as he values the Second Amendment?”, provocatively asked Acosta as WNP reports. He thought that he can play games with Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“Absolutely,” she said. “The president is an incredible advocate of the First Amendment, but with the First Amendment, with those freedoms also come responsibilities. And you have a responsibility, to tell the truth, to be accurate.”

“I think, right now, when we’ve seen recent information that says that only 5 percent of media coverage has been positive about this president’s administration, while at the same time, you have the stock market and economic confidence at an all-time high, ISIS is on the run, unemployment is at the lowest level it’s been in 17 years, we’ve cut regulations at a historic pace, we’re fixing the V.A. for our vets.”

Jim Acosta never reported about any of this things, right? He was ignorant back then.

Huckabee Sanders continued laying the smack down on Acosta:

“You’ve only found 5 percent of your time to focus on some of those issues. And frankly, those are the issues that most Americans care about, not a lot of the things that you cover. Not a lot of the petty palace intrigue you spend your time on,” she said. “I think we need to move towards a more fair, more accurate and, frankly, more responsible news media for the American people,” Huckabee Sanders added.

This is the ‘Iron Lady’ of the White House! What do you think about this, do you agree with Sarah Sanders? The hypocrisy of the CNN and the mainstream media is unbearable. However, Trump should stay calm because he has a great Press Secretary to represent his office.

Source: https://www.dailyamericans.com

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