Infuriating $1 Billion In Social Security Gone — Americans Are Furious!

The American economy is in ruin and the government has wasted $1 billion on illegal immigrants drawing off of our welfare system.

Social security

Liberal America attacked President Trump’s call for a proper border with claims of impossible funding. Yet the Obama administration forked over a billion dollars of taxpayer money to people who aren’t even American citizens. The current stipulations for receiving government assistance allow illegals with anchor babies to collect from social security despite the fact that they don’t HAVE a social security number. While liberals cry poverty, illegals are basically being paid to be here and many offer nothing back in return.


The Democrats love to bash Trump for wanting to build a wall between the borders of the United States and Mexico, claiming that there isn’t enough money to build the wall. During Obama’s reign, however, the Social Security Administration allowed A BILLION DOLLARS to go to people who didn’t even have a valid social security number.

It’s pretty obvious that the reason Democrats don’t mind all that money going to people with fake social security numbers is because those receiving the money are illegals, their very favorite group of people! The inspector general who performed the audit claims that around $182 million will be given to those without proper identification each year if we don’t fix these policies.

The Democrats were well aware of the system’s shortcomings, but purposely left the issues unresolved. Their reasoning? Their political party actually benefits from illegals accepting payments from the government, making them dependent on government subsidized programs. This ensures voters for the Democratic party.

President Trump is a skilled businessman who understands that if America is to be great again then America needs to get back to taking care of number one. American citizens come first, plain and simple.


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