Imran Awan went to bar with Seth Rich day he was killed

Holy crap America we have seen this photo of Seth Rich at a party over and over again, not knowing that Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT aide was at the party with him. The man in the photo circled in red at a DC bar before Seth Rich was killed is DWS IT aide Imran Awan. Maybe for this reason it’s no wonder that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has gone in some form of hiding since Awan’s arrest by the FBI this past week, because it looks like Imran Awan possibly had something to do with the murder of Seth Rich. Remember before Awan was arrested by the FBI this week, Awan sent $300,000 dollars to Pakistan, so it’s likely that $300k could be pay off money for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich last summer.
Was Awan fleeing America due to smashed hard drives found, or was he fleeing America because Seth Rich investigators were getting close to Seth Rich’s killer? It’s very telling now that Imran Awan may of been fleeing for a different reason other that the FBI finding smashed hard drives at his home, because now we know another thing regarding DWS and her IT staffer Imran Awan…And that’s the fact he is being uncovered as being with Seth Rich the night Seth Rich was killed last summer in Washington DC.


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