Happy Halloween, The White House Has Been Decorated In Washington — Obamas Cannot Hide The Envy

The nation’s largest and most exciting holiday is approaching and you can see children being full of enthusiasm and passion working to create the best costume for the occasion and preparing their candy bags for an adventurous trick-or treat excitement.

But this is more than just an excitement, since parents and other adults use the opportunity to carve out their pumpkins and arrange their ’spooky’Halloween decorations around their house in order to welcome all the young trick-or-treaters

We have been given the chance to see how the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr and his wife, Vanessa, are preparing their all-American patriotic Halloween costumes which were inspired by police officers and army servicemen, together with their children, but that’s wasn’t the case with the POTUS and the First Lady, up until now.

The decoration of the house includes part of preparations for a trick-or-treating event which will be held during the holiday, where children will be given the chance to run around the WH lawn and trick-or-treat-staffers from various departments

There is no doubt that the President Donald First Lady Melania Trump’s first year of celebrating Halloween in the White House will be blast, regardless of the type of media coverage the event will have.

Source: http://magapress.com/

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